Wish List: Vintage Andirons

Fall weather has finally come to stay in Central Texas which, for me, means hot tea, a warm fireplace, and online browsing for vintage fireplace accessories.  

 My “new favorite things” are andirons, aka firedogs.  Decorative andirons (popular from the 1500s to early 1900s) hold firewood off of the bottom of the fireplace, allowing air to circulate.  Early andirons even have hooks/ledges to hang a pot for cooking.  But  best of all, they come in all kinds of shapes, styles, and figures. 

Here are some of my online browsing favorites; I’ll definitely be looking for my own on my next vintage shopping trip:

Owls  (picture/listing courtesy One of A Kind Antiques; not affiliated with V2ndL) 


Our First President (picture courtesy of Cowan Auctions; not affiliated with V2ndL)